Drain Cleaner – Some Great Tips

If your drain problems are severe enough to be blocking sewers and drains, you may need professional help. A plumber or a water heater repair technician can unclog any blockage in your drains, sewer lines or water heater line by removing the obstruction with a plunger. There are two basic types of plungers available to you: mechanical and hydraulic. The hydraulic type is most often used in residential and commercial plumbing applications, especially with drain clean out.

The traditional basic drain cleaner tool that plumbers use to dismantle obstructions in plumbing lines is an electric motorized snake, also called a rotary drain snake. A rotary snake is made up of a flexible steel coil of metal that acts like a corkscrew to unscrew blocked pipes from their pipes. The head of the snake goes down the pipe until it reaches a clog. It’s a simple idea really – if you can see it, you can probably remove it. However, to be effective, a rotary snake needs to be properly fitted and the plumber must have access to the correct location in order to operate it effectively.

In recent years, the advancement of technology has allowed the introduction of the second type of plumbing tool in the market today – the electric motorized snake. Electric motors are used to move the coil around the pipe and push it down without requiring manual effort. It is very effective in both unclogging and unending blockages. Unlike the rotary type, the electric-powered tool can move into position much faster, enabling it to move quickly through narrow pipes or smaller diameter sewer lines. This makes it highly efficient when dealing with sewer blockages.

Another very effective plumbing tool is the handheld drain snake or the rotary drain snake. This is used for non-continuous blockages caused by accumulation of sediment or grease inside the pipe. You can use this to easily clear small to mid-sized blockages in your sewer lines. It does not require you to exert any pressure on the blockage since the body of this tool itself forces the blockage to move downward. It is very effective at clearing drains and sewage plants in both residential and commercial areas.

There are many types of chemical drain cleaners that you can purchase today. If you want to buy an affordable and more convenient to type, you can always go for the electric ones because they do not use any kind of force to move the debris inside your pipes. However, electric devices are only meant for kitchen and lavatory locations because it may be dangerous to use it in bathrooms and other similar locations. Therefore, before purchasing any type of cleaner, make sure you know the type of liquid that is clogged inside your pipes so you will know what type of cleaner to use on them.

If your plumber cannot clear your clogs through using electric devices, you can try to use plumbing snake to get rid of them. For this, you need to use a flexible plumbing snake to reach into your drainage system. Once you have located the blockages, insert the plumbing snake until you get the clogs. Then, you should turn on the drain cleaner and allow it to dissolve the blockage using its high pressure stream. To ensure faster elimination of the clogs, continue to press the snake and scrub the debris from the pipes.

Aside from the use of drain cleaner tools like the pliers and pipes snakes, it is also advised to have a regular inspection on your drains to prevent blockages from occurring. You can make use of plunger, thermometer, digital multimeters, strain gauges and various other tools that can provide you with timely notice on the condition of your pipes and drainage system. This will help you prevent the clogs before they even develop into severe problems that will be hard to remove. It is also essential for you to check your drainage system once in a while to ensure that everything is in good working condition. By doing this, you will prevent any unplanned blockages from happening.

Finally, you should have regular cleaning and maintenance procedures on your drains so you can prevent unnecessary blockages from occurring. By doing this, you will be able to improve the efficiency of your plumbing system and avoid any emergency situation that can be caused by clogs. In addition to these, hydro-jetting will be a great idea because it is proven to be an effective way of unclogging stubborn blockages in drains.