Crystal Key Chain Holders

crystal keychain can be an excellent way to add some personal bling to your jewelry collection. Often times crystal keychain designs are used as gifts for bridesmaids or groomsmen. Personalized key chains are also a popular promotional item at many businesses. A crystal keychain, however, is more than just a pretty ornament. There are many different types of crystal keychain, each featuring a particular symbol or theme. Some popular crystal keychain themes include:

Rhinestone key chains – Rhinestone crystal keychain are typically used as decorative accent pieces on jewelry accessories. They are found in a wide variety of styles, ranging from simple and faceted crystal pieces to elaborate, beaded ones. Because of their popularity, rhinestone crystal keychain are often included in sets, usually accompanying a gold or silver key ring. These are the easiest type of crystal keychain to use, simply stringing them together like any other jewelry piece. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from large and extravagant crystal strands to thin strips of crystal that closely resemble pennies.

Emerald key chains – Emerald is another popular crystal keychain style. While most people associate emeralds with the gemstone’s value and beauty, they are also quite useful as a decorative key chain. Similar to its sister rhinestone crystal, an emerald key chain is often adorned with other objects, such as small figurines, carvings, pearls, crystals, and/or gemstones. While some emeralds are green in color, others are blue or purple. For this reason, there are many different emeralds to choose from. This is also a very pretty type of crystal keychain to wear, and they are great gifts for young girls as well as adults.

Watermelon key chains – Also known as the “rainbow flower”, watermelons are a great choice for crystal keychain holders. These bright, faceted crystal pieces can come in a wide array of colors and patterns and are wonderful when used as an accent piece in a necklace, bracelet, or even on a purse. They are typically used in place of rubies or other precious stones, but they do make beautiful additions to key chains, particularly those with lighter colors. They are typically very thin and are easily shaped or curled into rings, earrings, or other jewelry.

Key Chains With Text or Picture Key Tattoos – Key chains with picture or text tattoos are a recent trend. Crystal key rings with keychain tattoos allow you to show off your favorite artwork or pictures in a stylish and unique way. These types of key chain items are becoming increasingly popular for adults who want to express their personality without having to worry about ink-stained clothing or other possible problems. Tattoos that are permanent are certainly something to consider when choosing which crystal keychain to wear.

Clear Acrylics – Clear acrylic keychain jewelry has become quite popular recently. These types of crystal keychain holders are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and are very attractive for both men and women. If you are looking for a clear acrylic keyring, these are definitely worth considering as your next purchase.